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Baking Ingredients Quality Control with the Mixolab Profiler Tool from Chopin Technologies (Y127)

Visualizacion de los seis Indices del Mixolab Profiler

Ensuring a 100% consistency in baking products with a single test, the Mixolab® System helps the producer to define the exact nature of the flours, efficiently control all processes, and guarantees a constant milling quality.

This unique analyzer allows, in a single test, a complete measurement of dough performance including effects of protein, starch (native and damaged), fat, fiber, enzymes and the interactions between each of these elements. Easy to use, independent of the operator and environmental conditions, the device is ICC 173-approved and pending AACC certification. The three different functions that make up the Mixolab System (research, quality control, and testing) allow an interpretation of all or part of the results of the standardized analysis, as required by the operator: For research, Mixolab Standard provides, in 45 minutes, a complete and detailed characterization of raw materials, including the behavior of the warm dough. Completely adaptable, Mixolab Standard allows, among other things, developing predictive models to anticipate the water absorption, the stickiness, the volume of the finished product, and more. It can also discriminate flours and measure the effect of improvers.

Many industrial and international researchers, including Mehmet Tulbek (NDSU), Cristine M. Rosell and Concha Collar (IATA-CSIC), Scott R. Frazer (Cargill), Guohua Feng (Caravan Ingredients), and Hamit Kevser Kahraman Koksel (Hacettepe University), presented their work and various applications using the Mixolab Standard tool at the AACC International Meeting in Hawaii.

For quality control of raw materials, the new Mixolab Profiler is the ideal tool as it enables control, selection, and improvement of the flour based on its intended result. Already recognized by industry professionals for its innovation and ease of use, Mixolab Profiler received the trophy for innovation at the Europain 2008 trade show. The Mixolab Profiler converts the Mixolab Standard curve into six visible indices graduated from 0 to 9 (Mixolab Index) for a complete characterization of flour (water absorption, dough resistance, protein/gluten strength, viscosity hot, amylase resistance, and retrogradation). The user can know at a glance whether the flour meets specifications. With assignable profiles, it also set limits of acceptability of the flour according to its final use to accept or quickly refuse the flour by comparing its index with the desired profile. The initial configuration offers 16 profiles developed by the CHOPIN Applications Laboratory for flour for baguettes, pan bread, biscuits, pizza, baklava, and more. Finally, if the flour does not meet a profile’s parameters, the Mixolab Profiler suggests modifications thanks to information provided by the accessible Mixolab Guide.

To test the dough, the Mixolab Simulator requires only a small sample to measure water absorption capacity, development time, stability and softening of the dough. It provides standard values to FU (Farinograph Unit) for a full traceability of results and easy communication with Farinograph users.

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